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Respiratory Medicine, Critical care and Sleep Medicine

Institutes and Department

  • Respiratory Medicine, Critical care and Sleep Medicine

    The Pulmonology division understands this priority and gives utmost importance and specialized care where prevention is the highlight in protecting the lungs from airborne allergies, environmental air pollution, airborne infections (pneumonia) as well as blood spread infections or pulmonary edema ,secondary to inflammatory insults and infections (ARDS) or cardiac failure ( left ventricular failure). This […]

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  • Physical Medicine & Physiotherapy

    In TMC Doctors are available for consultation on physical medicine related to chronic painful syndromes, paralysing conditions, arthritic problems, amputations, cardiopulmonary conditions, paediatric disabling conditions and post traumatic rehabilitation. These consultants assess all the patients attending this department regarding their therapy needs; prescribe the various therapy services and follow their progress periodically. Major Procedures Done […]

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  • Dental & Maxillofacial Surgery

    Travancore Medical College Dental Clinic features a variety of options in specialty dental treatments, quality oral care and cosmetic dental services. We are committed to the early detection and prevention of dental diseases and curative treatment. Major Procedures Done Dental Implants Cosmetic restorations Root canal treatment Gum management clinic Orthodontic correction of maligned teeth Crown […]

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  • Pathology

    Pathology department offers a broad range of laboratory tests, Cytology and Haematology using state-of-the-art equipment and technology. Major Procedures Done Cytopathology Cervical Cytology(Pap Smear) FNAC (Fine needle aspiration Cytology) Fluid Cytology Sputum Cytology Haematopathology Blood Cell Counts using automated cell counter. Peripheral Smear and bone marrow examination. Coagulation Studies. Urine Analysis. Stool Examination. Semen Analysis.

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  • Biochemistry

    At TMC Biochemistry is introduced with a view to provide wide range of Laboratory investigations, necessary for patient care.It provide qualitative analysis of biological fluids such as blood serum or plasma, tissue, urine, stool etc for specific constituents to support clinicians in the practice of medicine. Major Procedures Done Hb A1c Thyroid Function Tests (T3,T4,TSH) […]

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