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No. TMC 352/Aca(A)2016/TMCK 



Sub: Non submission of online application as per notification dated 2.9.2016-DD submitted earlier returning of

Ref: Notification of even No. dated 2.9.2016.

In view of  order No. G.O (Rt) No. 2463/ 2016/H&FWD dated 01.09.2016 of the Government of Kerala and orders of the Honorable Admission Supervisory Committee for  Professional Colleges of Kerala vide No. ASC 100/16/MBBS/TMCK dated 2.9.2016instructing to revise the category list , fee structure , time schedule etc the Prospectuses dated 23.8.2016 was  revised and notification under reference cited was issued and published in the website inviting fresh applications online till 6.9.2016.It was also mentioned in that  notification that for candidates applied earlier no new DD towards application fee is to be submitted but has to mention the details of such DD in the new online application. The last date for submitting new application fixed as 6.9.2016 was also later extended by the Admission Supervisory Committee to  9.9.2016midnight. According to this notification hundreds of earlier applied candidates have again submitted online new applications  mentioning the details of DDs earlier submitted. Such applicants  have been included in the verification list of applicants notified in the website on 10.9.2016. 

But ,after closing the time for submitting fresh applicationsas per notification dated 2.9.2016 and publishing the list of applicants on 10.9.2016 ,queries are being received from certain candidates earlier applied that their names are not found in the applicants’ list.

All such candidates are therefore hereby informed that as they have not utilized the chance for resubmitting fresh applications their right to be included in the list as per notification dated 2.9.2016 has been lost and that the Demand draft submitted by them along with earlier application as per notification in respect of 85+15 =100 seats under Management & NRI Quota will be returned to them at the earliest.