Travancore Medical College


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Gastroenterology provides inpatient and outpatient treatment of all gastrointestinal, liver and pancreatic disorders. There is 24 hour emergency service for acute emergencies like varices bleed . All diagnostic and therapeutic upper and lower gastro intestinal endoscopic procedures as well as ERCP procedures for biliary and pancreatic disease are routinely undertaken.

Major Procedures done:

The areas of service offered in Gastroenterology are:

  • Esophageal motility and 24-hour pH monitoring
  • Endoscopic papillotomy with removal of retained common bile duct stones, colonoscopy and colonoscopic polypectomy
  • Malabsorption disorders, nutritional disorders, weight loss, intestinal and liver disease, parasitic infections and chronic secretory diarrhea

Treatments :

  1. Endoscopy (therapeutic, diagnostic)
  2. Colonoscopy (therapeutic, diagnostic)
  3. ERCP
  4. APC (Argon, Plasma, Coagulation)
  5. Herpetology ( Trans hepatic biopsy)
  6. Polypectomy
  7. Varicel Banding
  8. Varicel glue Injection
  9. Hot Biopsy
  10. Self expandeable metalic Stenting(Esophagel, Duodental, Colonic, Biliary)
  11. Foreign bodu removal
  12. PEG